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Planning a Fundraiser on Limited Funds

Every fund-raiser is run on a limited budget (If there was money to throw around why would you be raising funds?). That's why renting makes such good sense. It's ideal for items you'll only be using once, and renting is affordable - especially when you rent from AllStar Rental in Elkin, NC. We'll supply you with the equipment you need to bring in those funds.

Here are a few fund-raiser ideas:

  • Fund-raisers can be lots of different events. Throw an exciting bash, such as one of the following: a carnival, bingo, talent show, softball tournament or charity auction.

  • Plan ahead. Prepare a detailed supply list and a schedule for getting things done. That way, there should be no last minute rushing and worrying.

  • Consider a theme for your event. When you decide on one, carry it through with decorations, music and perhaps even costumes.

  • For outdoor fundraising events, be sure to consider the possibility of bad weather. A party tent can provide the shelter you need.

  • We offer rentals of items to improve sales at the fund-raiser - hot dog warmers, cotton candy makers, children's inflatables, etc.

  • Bring your limited budget to AllStar Rentals to get the most for your money.

TENTS: Don't let bad weather spoil a good time.
We have lots of tents in various sizes that are simple
for you to set up or we can do it for you.


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